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Recruitment Process

Fulfill your dreams
at AK Chemtech CO., LTD.

Recruitment is proceeded at AK CHEMTECH according to reasonable procedures.
We are waiting for your passionate challenge.

  • STEP 01 Applying for a job

  • STEP 02 Submitting personal documents

  • STEP 03 Employer interview

  • STEP 04 Executive interview

  • STEP 05 Health checkup

  • STEP 06 Final acceptance

Applying for a job Get online job application support on our website.
Submitting personal documents major, GPA, language ability, licenses, club/volunteer activities, personal statement, etc. are considered
Employer interview department head interviews on job competence and expertise (PPT interview, individual interview, group interview, etc.)
Executive interview executive interview on personal values and personality (group interview)
Health checkup health checkup at a designated general hospital
Final acceptance notification of acceptance