Cheongyang Plant


Global Market Supplier of Raw Materials for Third Generation Synthetic Detergents

80,000 tons of AOS-Alpha Olefin Sulphonate, LAS (Linear Alkylbenzene Sulphonic Acid, Alkyl Sulphonic Acids, Liquid), and AES (Alcohol Ethoxy Sulphate, Alkyl Ether Sulphate) are produced annually. In addition to satisfying domestic demand, we have also opened a new plant in the industrial complex of Jeongsan-myeon, Chungyang-gun, in 1994 to expand overseas. In 1995, we were awarded the Iron Tower Industry Medal on the 32nd ‘Trade Day’ and was awarded the $50 million export tower prize in 2008.

We provide powder raw materials that comparatively minimize energy consumption and reduce transportation costs from former materials. We also have AMDU (Active Matter Drying Unit) facilities that have a significant impact on quality improvement, and have a cutting-edge automated factory for various detergent material. In addition, through our unique manufacturing technology that prioritize environmental safety and health and significant quality products, we will continue to consolidate our position as an internationally competitive product.

Staple products

  • Surfactants
  • Industrial Cleaner
  • Polymer Product
  • Inorganic Material
  • Other product